About Lepulighting

Since 2018, Pesetech has been committed to making life and work more joyful by combining smart and light.

As a company with 12 years of experience in lighting product development, Pesetech aims to make the light environment more fresh, comfortable and natural through continuous innovation in the field of simulating natural light, especially artificial sky and artificial daylight products;

At Pesetech, we continue to deeply explore the impact of light on people, making every beam of light is joyous.


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Core Technologies

Atmospheric optics

Simulating the Rayleigh scattering effect of the atmosphere and restoring the blue sky from the principle can present the most realistic sky. Pesetech’s artificial sky light uses nanotechnology to truly simulate the Rayleigh scattering effect of the atmosphere, restore the effect of countless tiny particles irradiated by sunlight, and finally present a blue color that is infinitely close to the sky.

Zoom Optical Technology

Based on the zoom optical technology, the 10,000-meter sky is compressed to 18cm. Make Skylight look like a real window of infinite depth, giving the space a sense of expanse.

Pesetech system

The development of the driver, optics, embedded software, and APP software of the Pesetech system are all completed by the internal team, which not only brings intimate functions to users, but also can control the coordinate value of light at each color temperature, making the light closer to natural light.

Slogan and mission

Making socially meaningful products!

is our value and our product concept, and our slogan and mission all come from this.Artificalsky focuses on developing the impact of artificial sky on people’s lives and work.


Every beam of light is joyous.


Bring joy to people through the combination of light and smart


Product Features

  • Human Centric

  • Focus on Environmental Impact
  • Smart
  • Simple Installation

  • Environment Friendly
  • Natural