Hello! We are specialized in producing Led Downlight, Skylight, Smart Home.

Hello! We specialize in the production of : DownlightSkylightSmart Home !

We have experience in driver development, structural design, optical design, embedded software and APP development.

Artificial skylight

Enjoy the blue sky anytime, anywhere

Based on Rayleigh scattering technology, it simulates an ultra-realistic sky with color changes throughout the day.

Zoom optical technology, let Skylight not only have the color of the sky but also the depth of the sky.

Light Cube

Infinite and deep three-dimensional ambient light.

  • APP Control

  • Remote Control

  • Sync Light to the Music

  • 16 Million Colors

  • 140 Lighting Modes


Led Lighting

Gyro Downlight, Recessed Downlight, Surface Mount…



Artificial Skylight, Skylight Pro…


Smart Home

Smart Dimmer,Light Cube,Smart Plug&Switch…



Downlight Box,Led Dimmer,Led Driver..

Your reliable product customization expert!

With 12 years of OEM experience in LED lighting products, we have rich experience in driving and structural design.

Driver Development

We are good at driver development of triac and smart lamps.

Structure Development

We are good at the design of die-casting and injection-molded structural parts.

Avada Programmer

Smart home product customization.

Lepulighting supports embedded programs and App customization of smart home products such as Wifi and Bluetooth.

Mobile App Development

If you have any good ideas about smart home products, we can help you realize them.

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